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Pirate Lair

One of Fisk's oil tankers has been hijacked in the Gulf of Aden off Somalia. To find the pirates and the missing tanker, he sends Tarita and Carlos into pirate waters as bait in a dangerous game.

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The Team

Most powerful non-governmental individual in the world, with more economic power than most heads of state. Scourge of those who rape the world's human and material resources. Commanding to men, compelling to women.

Known Accomplices

Tarita Dr. Lindstrom Carlos

Tarita Lee, Fisk's undercover accomplice. Famous as the exotic action film star of Hollywood's Pandora Studios, a Fisk company. Onetime Olympic diving medalist from French Polynesia. Love-hate relationship with Carlos. 

Known Accomplices

Fisk Dr. Lindstrom Carlos

Dr. Mai Lindstrom, Deputy Secretary of the United Nations who speaks nine languages and once walked the runways as a fashion model. A velvet glove to Fisk's iron hand, rumored paramour of Fisk.

Known Accomplices

Fisk Tarita Carlos

Carlos Madrid, Fisk's chief trouble shooter, possible heir apparent. Physically imposing and conspicuously alpha, his streets smarts and cool confidence reflect early years as an orphan, petty criminal and professional athlete in Spain. 

Known Accomplices

Fisk Tarita Dr. Lindstrom